SEismic Risk evaluation through integrated use of Geographical Information Systems and Artificial Intelligence techniques

Seismic risk evaluation

The project implemented a methodology to assess seismic risk, providing an estimate of risk in terms of expected damage, given by the combination of the hazard and the vulnerability of exposed systems.

Several induced and side effects, that are important to estimate the amount of losses not only to buildings, but also to the economy, and to other parts of the built environment, like historic patrimony, infrastructures, and other facilities, equally important for society and for its economy has been taken into account as well and have been included in the methodology.

The definition guiding the evaluation procedure is therefore more complex than the original one, first suggested by the UNDRO in 1979, and precisely is the following:

Risk = Seismic Hazard * Induced physical hazard * Systemic Vulnerability

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SERGISAI - Contract Number: ENV4-0279

Project Coordinator: Gaetano Zonno

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