SEismic Risk evaluation through integrated use of Geographical Information Systems and Artificial Intelligence techniques

Definition of the prototype


One of the main objectives of the SERGISAI project is the development of a software system able to produce seismic risk maps and scenarios on the basis of multi-source data. It is quite an ambitious objective as it is not limited with respect to:

To achieve those objectives a global work environment, named WESRE (Work Environment for Seismic Risk Evaluation), has been designed and developed.

For each combination of the above options, WESRE can be applied by activating a specific sequence of computation modules, that normally include different parameters and inputs. Single computation modules include: source codes written in different languages (Fortran, C, etc.), Arc/Info AML routines, knowledge bases in form of syntactic rules and objects, etc. As the user is faced to the complexity, both of the single components and of their aggregation, the hypermedia approach is straightforward, trying to reduce the perceived complexity.

The software system of the SERGISAI project is a computational hypermedia, flexible and open to be modified. It is able:

Here you'll have some ideas of the environment interfaces, its characteristics and behaviour.


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SERGISAI - Contract Number: ENV4-0279

Project Coordinator: Gaetano Zonno

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